Reviews by Our Satisfied Clients

I love this fitcamp, I smile each time I'm there and I have fun throughout the whole session with a lovely group of people who have a range of fitness levels and abilities. I never feel like anybody is judging anybody else and this encourages me to push on. My first impressions of Sabre Fitness was how Sean teaches technique and is constantly coaching you through each movement, which is very different to most other bootcamp/fitcamps which I've been too. I recommend Sabre Fitness to anybody considering group sessions, I have more energy than ever before and feel so much more confident in myself. I am glad to be a part of #teamsabre

Lucy Ellis

Sabre Fitness has ticked all of my boxes! My overall physical fitness has improved, I'm getting stronger and more toned as the sessions go by. Sean's fun and varied sessions bring different challenges each time which are made all the more enjoyable with the constant motivation, support and encouragement from the team. Positive endorphins guaranteed - What's not to like? Come and join #teamsabre.

Karen Guerin

Exercise has always been a chore for me, until i joined Sabre Fitness. Not only have i gained a love for fitness but i have found a new circle of friends. Sean never fails to deliver a fun and challenging session.

Chrissie Ross

A friendly group, Great fun where no two sessions are the same. Sabre Fitness is excellent value for money and I thoroughly recommend.

Nicola Eaton

I joined Sabre Fitness because I felt really unfit and hadn't exercised in over two years. I was worried that I would be out of my depth and unable to keep up with the other members, but I was made to feel very welcome and it was fine, everyone works at their own ability level and collectively we work as a team. The sessions are so varied and Sean makes them fun, often disguising exercises into a game. He will give teasers and clues about each session in advance and will summarise the session once we are done, often celebrating our achievements too. I couldn't have chosen a nicer bunch of people to spend three hours a week with...Brilliant team, brilliant coach and brilliant value!!

Mish Sharples

I joined Sabre to improve my fitness. Sean has been an excellent coach right from the start, giving advice on improving all areas of my fitness, he pushes me to my limits and beyond. Every session is different, and you're encouraged to get the most out of each exercise, this is helped by Sean getting to know each and every single member and their capabilities. The camaraderie between Sean and the members is fantastic! I have made some good friends, who always support one another, while at the same time enjoying each others company. I would recommend this welcoming group to anyone, you will not be disappointed!!

Tonia Page

Sabre Fitness has helped me achieve my goals, and I've made loads of new friends. My confidence has grown and I look forward to hitting each session hard every time. Everyone is motivated and keen to be the best we can be. Sean's a hugely experienced physical instructor, with unbelievable knowledge. If you are looking for somewhere that challenges you and with sessions that are varied with fitness games and workouts, then this is where you should be. If your hungry for a challenge, becoming the best you can be, come with us and enjoy.

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